Exhibited at The Electric Lady in Chichester - Sept 2018 and Cranleigh Arts Centre October 2018
“I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, my family often used the phrase “you don’t know what happens behind closed doors” and when you think about it - you don’t! I mean, how well do you know your friends and family? No, scratch that - how well do they know you?

We all have something; a quirk, a secret, a fear or fetish. We may be worried or confused about how others will treat us if they find out, but we are burning to tell someone, to let it out and relieve the pressure.
Inspired by real, anonymous online confessions, Behind Closed Doors is about showing this secret, interior world through creative portrait photography and contemporary makeup design.
Using various makeup and photography techniques with our models we have created a series of character portraits that play out these fears and fantasies in an extreme way.  There’s no judgement here!

We all have something we keep Behind Closed Doors!

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